Som Prabh

Som Prabh (b. 1998, India) is a contemporary lens-based artist, specialising predominantly in documentary photography.

At the core of Som's portfolio lies the ongoing investigative project, Seam Fires (2020). Meticulously scrutinising the enduring and catastrophic subterranean fires that have ravaged the coalfields of eastern India for over a century, this project stands as a testament to his deeply rooted perspective. Hailing from the district encompassing the Jharia coalfields, Som's innate connections and understanding of the region's socioeconomic fabric unveil hidden narratives that define this multidimensional story.

Pahaad (2016) delves into a more intimate realm, offering a reflective visual narrative that peers into Som's profound experiences within the Indian Himalayan Region. An evolving body of work, it reads like prose, capturing the evolution of his emotions and approach towards photography, mountains, and the simple intricacies of existence. The images captured during his travels in the Himalayas bear witness to these shifts and represent the transience of his identity as a human being and an artist.

Growing up in a picturesque industrial town, Som witnessed the transformation of starry night skies into the orange haze of a coal-fired thermal power plant. These experiences shaped his perspective. His travels across the Himalayas further exposed the detrimental impact of extractivist processes on local communities. Instilled with a motivation to investigate the junctures of social and environmental justice, he is enabled by his collaborations with stakeholder communities, activists, and research organisations to sheds light on the forces and interests at play within the socioeconomics of said junctures.

In his creative journey, Som has translated a myriad of narratives worldwide, spanning India, the UK, and Canada. While some highlight the elegance of straightforward stories, others delve into intricate layers. Guided by insatiable curiosity and a humble demeanour, he transforms insights into innovative visual perspectives; a process informed by his Master's in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography from the University of the Arts London (2021), enabling a harmony between scholarly learning and artistic exploration.

Som's commissioned work extends his prowess as a run-and-gun documentary photographer, seamlessly navigating fieldwork, photography production, and adapting to the constraints of working alongside video production crews. His post-graduate diploma in Marketing Management from Seneca College, Toronto (2022) empowers him to align visual narratives with clients' strategic goals.

Accolades radiate through platforms like Foam Magazine (Issue 52: Archives; 2021, Netherlands) and an exhibition with the photography collective, Spectra, at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (2023, Canada). Concurrently, Som dedicates time as a Photo Editor for The Photojournalism Hub, London, amplifying the global visual narrative.

Currently residing in Tkaronto, Canada, he deftly balances commercial photography with annual sojourns to India. These journeys expand upon long-term projects, weaving new threads into his diverse portfolio.

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